Image of Print Example for Campaign Marketing

Create A Relevant Message

The first step to creating a relevant campaign is to determine your message.  If you are a local salon owner wanting to announce your opening, the message would be general to the public — listing dates, times, and information about your new business. If you are a preexisting restaurant trying to promote a new event or menu, the information may be directed to current patrons you hope will want to come back. By contrast, if you are a long-standing insurance company wanting to promote your new coverage for boats, your message would be very specific to recipients that meet your specific criteria.  


Assessing Your Audience

After your message is established, it's time to meet your audience. Who will your message impact the most? How can you target your message to meet the needs of your recipients? Determining your discriminating criteria to generate your list of recipients will help determine the mailing platform as well as quantity.


Define Your Response

Finally, what response are you trying to achieve with this mailing? Are you the restaurateur who hopes to generate greater revenue with attendance or the insurance company needing to contract policies? For a salon owner, you may not have a required response, knowing that this mailer is only to inspire interest, not specific results. A relevant mailer needs to offer an opportunity to reciprocate communication, which is why we consider defining your response a key building block for an effective direct mail campaign.