Choose 1 to 1 Marketing

With a well tailored list and a clear message, the next step is to apply it visually in a cohesive, relevant design. Try recognizing each addressee in a variable salutation to personalize a general message.

When determining textual content, consider variable verbiage. Let's again consider the data available from the list of boat owners from the insurance company. In their list, they were able to ascertain information about the boat owned by each recipient. Mentioning the owners specific boat in the mail will automatically provide relevancy to the content.

Perhaps this information can also be depicted graphically, with different versions of imagery based on general data markers like income levels. Or, with the supporting data, you may consider a variable graphic. For instance, if there is a specific agent based on the recipients address? Personalize the mailer with the agent's picture and contact information.

Our programmers and designers are experienced in creating programmable designs for our customer's mailers. Contact us if you need ideas on how to design a relevant mailer.


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